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2020 TSPC Skate and Study Camp September Registration - Hockey


Welcome to the 2020 Skate and Study Camp Registration!



Camp Details and Info

Dear Skaters & Parents - 

We are excited to launch the TSPC Skate & Study program! This program is designed specifically for student athletes to be able to complete their schooling while training in the sports they love! 


Hockey Level - Already competing at Club Level and above. Players must also have their own hockey equipment

School Grade Requirement: We are offering this Camp to skaters 1st - 6th grade 

We will have a Study Aid available during Study Hall times to help the campers with their assignments as well as keep them on track. There will also be Camp Counselors assigned to assist the Study Aid with keeping campers focused and on track during Study Hall Time, as well as assisting in getting skaters to and from their activities (1 Counselor per 10 students).

This Camp offers 2 hours On Ice slots and 5 hours of Study Hall

See below for details:
Full Day (7:00am - 4:30pm) 
2 Hours On Ice 
5 Hours Study Hall 
30 Min. Outdoor Activity 

$80 Daily 
$350 Weekly 



Please direct questions to:

Hockey Department