Toyota Sports Performance Center

Coaches Corner


Welcome to the coaches registration process at Toyota Sports Performance Center!

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.


All Coaches
All coaches should wear the TSPC coaching black jacket with black pants for all practices and games. Always be very positive and only make constructive criticism. 

Head Coaches:
Email your team occasionally to re-enforce the importance of showing up for practices and games, have them contact you in the event they can’t attend a particular session so you can properly prepare for it. 

Parity & good sportsmanship: 
Please roll your lines evenly, playing your best players in the last minute of a game is acceptable. In the event that your team is short players, PLEASE coach accordingly to good sportsmanship by not taking advantage of the situation by double shifting your best players unless it allows you to be competitive but not intent to win hockey games and blow teams out.  


When you are up and controlling a game … please ask the players to make 3-4 passes before attempting a shot on net, play your strongest players on Def and ask them to feed those who do not usually score. Being sensitive among us coaches will go a long way in building respect and good relationship. Our parents will be happy to see the mutual support. 

When short players, avoid running 3 defensemen and 3 lines of forwards …. run 4 defensemen and 7-8 forwards. Once again, do not double shifts your best players if not needed. Manage your bench in a sportsmanship matter. 

Some parents whose kids are stronger may question your coaching abilities if you coach the right way as per our philosophy … being competitive is totally fine but use your common sense as per the above. Feel free to send any parents to me if some are not understanding what we are trying to do.

On a side note, coach Troy Adams oversees our programs and parity whenever Christine Souto, Mark Petrovich and I are not around. Feel free to go to Troy if needed. 

As a head coach, you are in charge of the team and not your assistants, all decisions must come from you.

Please delegate responsibilities to your assistants so all are involved and contributing. Define the roles of each so all knows what is expected of them.

Make sure your entire staff is respectful of all TSC staff … including refs, scorekeepers, employees and other legends families as well. As coaches, we are all role models for our kids.   

Game: arrive 20 minutes early to meet the players
Practice: arrive 10 minutes early to meet the players  

Give attention to your goalies. Keep them busy with drills by using your asst coaches.

All Coaches but specifically to assistant coaches: 
Please engage and assist your head coach as much as possible…meaning the following:

  • Keep kids inline and focus
  • Pick up pucks, cones, border patrols after each session. 
  • Repeat the message and instructions of your head coach to each of your players.
  • Your time is more valuable to teach the kids rather than …. lean on your stick talking to another coach or practicing your shot and/or stick handling. 
  • Give attention to your goalies as well. Keep them busy with drills.
  • Always wear the coaching staff attire … jacket and black pants, helmets, gloves.
  • Always be very positive and only make constructive & positive criticism. 
  • Move pucks for them during practices/clinics, supervise locker rooms for practices and games
  • Keep kids inline and focus on and off the ice and report any issues to your head coach
  • Pick up pucks, cones, border patrols after each session. 
  • Teach the kids the same philosophy and coaching instructions of your head coach throughout the season so the message is clear and consistent. 
  • Engaging with the kids are key. 
  • If you are an assistant coach with your child on the team, YOU ARE NOT to be assigned the same door as your child for the obvious reasons of playing time's perception. It protects you as a coach/parent to coach away from your own child. If your child is a forward, open the defense door and vice versa. Every year we will get complaints whenever this occurs. 

Thank you all for putting the kid’s experience first instead of our personal accomplishment. Please continue to educate our parents about the importance of doing the right things as coaches. 

Once again, thx a lot for caring about the kids, one day, the reward will come back to you …. Coaches can have a very positive impact on the players if it is a good experience. 


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Christine Souto

James Gasseau